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Good tennis is a divine joy!

''To see Good Tennis! what divine joy
Can fill our leisure, or our minds employ?
Let other people play at other things;
The King of Games is still the Game of Kings''
The finest essence of tennis was given by J.K.Stephen in his poem Parker´s Piece already on May 19 th, 1891

 Our mission

 Our mission is to enjoy amateur club tennis

Our values

We are: Positive, busy and active; we lend a hand, join in and deliver
Sincere and open-minded; we value open-hearted and constructive feedback
Respectful, appreciate and value ourselves as well as others
Smart, elegant and appreciate good humor. We care about our personal growth and age gracefully




TC Reval Ladies was established in 1998 by ten active ladies driven by zeal to improve their tennis skills and compete with each other. 

Today, with 45 members we have established ourselves as a unique Ladies’ Tennis Club in the world. Training, competing, travelling and spending fantastic time together throughout the year is THE Divine THING that drives us. It’s not always easy to keep it going super active and easy with 45 well-opined women. We elect a president and the board annually. Everybody has a duty to join in the club life and we have even agreed upon the key performance indicators to measure and support our activity. So, cutting corners may lead to suspension of membership. Like in an army? Well, no. Yet, there is a BUT: the President can give you an assignment or send you out on a mission!

Tennis is our first priority! Therefore, we have something going on every week, month and year: matches on call between members (singles & doubles) competitions (singles & doubles) training/competing Wednesdays, with Club Master on duty training camp once a year competitions with other Tennis Clubs from Estonia TennisFiesta – mixed doubles event with friends from Finland (celebrated 10 th birthday this year) We also travel and have international training camps as well as competitions. We have all this reported and rated online on our web-page: upcoming events and tournaments, current rankings, points to gain or lose, activity log etc. Although tennis is our first priority one cannot underestimate many other activities. Our “once-a-month Club Mondays” are the absolute hit events considering the fact that a different lady organizes the event each time.
By the way, no tennis issues allowed! We also engage in charity work. The biggest challenge facing us this far: WORLD CLEANUP DAY 2018. 25 members out of 45 are to join in the action in Hawaii. We are proud to have our club member as the project leader for the whole World!

Interested to become a member?

Are you female?
Are you above 35?
Are you an amateur tennis player?
You’ve found 2 club members to recommend you and act as your mentors for the “member-to-be” year?
You have a vision of your extra contribution to enrich Reval Ladies Tennis Club?
All yes?
Sorry, no vacanciesā˜¹
BUT if you want to establish a successful Tennis Club yourself in your country then we are more than willing to share our experience and mentor you if needed.

Do not hesitate to contact: e-mail info@revalladies.ee

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